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WP Zon Grabbing – The Ultimate Autoblogging Solution For Amazon Associate


WP Zon Grabbing

Skyrocket your Amazon earnings with WP Zon Grabbing Extraordinarily smart SEO plugin, WP Zon Grabbing automatically creates completely SEO optimized Amazon Afffiliate sites for you.

Why do you want to make your live harder when you can make it easier (much easier), WP Zon Grabbing plugin was primarily built to make our own live easier. everyone knows how time consumsing it is to slave at your PC doing something as tedious as improving on page SEo factors.

Now, there is all in one WP Plugin specifically tailored for Amazon Affiliatea to dramatically decrease your working time, while still maintaining to skyrocket your earnings from Amazon commission.

Here’s Why You Must Get WP Zon Grabbing Today

  • Automatically create SEO optimized blog post or Amazon review sites
  • Completely automatic image attachement and optimization (title, description and adding keyword) to get your page indexed on Google way before your competition does
  • Create post categories for blog posts only with a few mouse click
  • Multiple Authors posting randomly for your WordPress blog
  • Auto tagging supernova makes your blog postings index much better on all Search Engines
  • AutoNscript Link Freezer will literally force Google to love your blog since they won’t be able to see your affiliate link (90 day cookies)
  • Adding meta title, auto meta description and auto meta keyword creation to kick Google Penguin in the butt (this feature requires AIO SEO Pack or Platinum SEO PACK plugin to work)
  • Auto posting with Cronjob and manual posting are also available
  • Available for multiple Amazon Affiliate areas in 7 countries (Germany, Italy, Spain, Colombia, Canada, and United Kingdom)

Click here to see more features, detail and demo page.

WP Zon Grabbing – The Ultimate Autoblogging Solution For Amazon Associate | Yudhi Will | 4.5

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