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Azon Profit Store – Best Amazon Store WordPress Theme

AzonProfitStore Wodpress themeAzonProfitStore WordPress theme is best Amazon Store theme to boost your Amazon affiliate commissions, AzonProfitStore theme has a Add-to-Cart feature wich can extend to your Amazon affiliate cookies up to 90 days!

Direct Visitors To Amazon Add To Cart Page

Instead of provide link to Amazon product page, you can also provide link that will bring visitors to Amazon Add to Cart page. If the visitors add the item to their Amazon cart, your Amazon affiliate cookies for the product will get extended to up to 90 days!

AzonProfitStore Is SEO Friendly

Proper H1, H2 and H3 headline tag on all post and pages. You don’t have to worry about SEO OnPage anymore. And with fast loading design, visitors will not runaway because your site loading too slow.

AzonProfitStore Supports Manual Posting and AutoBlog Using Popular AutoBlog Plugins

With AzonProfitStore WordPress Theme, you can do manual posting (example if you want to use the theme for your own online store site) or using autoblog plugin such as WPRobot, AmaNiche, ZonBuilder and ReviewAzon.

One Click Compatibility For AutoBlog Plugins

With AzonProfitStore you don’t have to do many settings, just select the autoblog plugin that you use, and click SAVE..!!. AzonProfitStore theme will automatically optimized itself to the plugin that you use.

Supports Many Amazon Country

Currently AzonProfitStore supports texts/buttons for Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de, Amazon.it, Amazon.fr and Amazon.es. Do you 50 sites that target Amazon.com? With this theme you can also add another 50 sites for Amazon.de, Amazon.fr, etc..!

Adsense Ready

AzonProfitStore Amazon Store WordPress Theme lets you to easily add Adsense ads (or other advertisement) to your site. Adsense and Amazon can be integrated together, this is not violating their TOS. The majority of Amazon links on your site will be opened at a new tab, thus when the visitor back to your site, they’ll probably also interested on your Adsense ads!.
See AzonProfitStore Theme here, and if you having problem in using the theme, Check out AzonProfitStore Theme Guide and also Video Tutorial to see how the theme works.

Azon Profit Store – Best Amazon Store WordPress Theme | Yudhi Will | 4.5

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